PIURN 2023 Conference

Our theme for the 2023 conference 'exploring this sea of islands' engages with the work of one of the Pacific's most revered academics, Epeli Hau'ofa. In his work We are the Ocean, Hau'ofa wrote of Oceania:

'Just as the sea is an open and ever flowing reality, so should our oceanic identity transcend all forms of insularity, to become one that is openly searching, inventive and welcoming.'

Following in the footsteps of the last four PIURN conferences, we want to make this conference extremely open and interdisciplinary: from arts to architecture, education to politics, climate science to history, Pacific studies to health, language revitalisation to oceanography.

Submissions: We are now oversubscribed and are no longer accepting abstract submissions.  We still have limited availability of registrations. If you have not yet registered you will need to first create an account by going to the login button on this page.  You will receive a verification email that will then then allow you to register.

Any queries please email:

heather.worth@usp.ac.fj or mathilde.souchon@usp.ac.fj



A full programme is available for download here.

Our conference ‘Program at a Glance’ has been released. This details session times and names. View the Programme at a Glance here

Please note that registrations are now closed.


Charlize Tuara

Photographer: Charlize Tuara Photography Cook Islands @charlizetuara.photo 


The location

Piurn 2023 will be held in Avarua the capital of Rarotonga. Rarotonga is the largest of the 15 islands that make up the Cook Islands and is home to the majority of the 18,000 people that live there.  

Located in the South Pacific and in the same time zone as Hawai'I, the Cook Islands are an unspoiled paradise, complete with white sand beaches, blue lagoons, and lush green mountains. With a wide range of accommodation options available along with a diverse choice in sightseeing and activity options, Rarotonga can cater to all your requirements. 

Cook Islands weather is typically tropical to sub-tropical with just two seasons (wet and dry).  July is "midwinter", and the average daily temperature is 25oC/ 77F.     

For more information about your stay in Rarotonga, follow this link here



Registration costs as of 1 April 2023

Registrations are now closed

PIURN members staff  NZD 200 (120 euros)

Graduate Students: NZD 100 (60 euros) 

Overseas delegates from non-PIURN universities: NZD 850 (490 euros)

Cook Islands Residents: NZD 100 (60 euros)


Travel Guide

For more information on the Cook Islands, use this link to view the Cook Islands Pocket Travel Guide.


Kia Orana Values

Kia Orana is the essence of the Cook Islands people and their culture.  Just two words Kia Orana shares our personality, our way of life and our aspirations for the future.  It literally means may you live long, or may you have a long and fulfilling life.  Follow the link to find out more about the beautiful Cook Islands and our people. Follow this link to understand Kia Orana Values.



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